The “Blizzard Of Oz” is the name some in the media are giving the monster storm hitting the Midwest and Northeastern United States this week. I thought readers might find it useful for me to bring a few multimedia resources on the event together for a “The Best…” list.

I’ll also be adding a link to this list to The Best Sites For Learning About The Winter Season.

Here are my choices for The Best Sites For Learning About The “Blizzard Of Oz”:

Record storm dubbed ‘the Blizzard of Oz’ plagues the Midwest and Northeast is a series of photos from The Los Angeles Times.

Huge Winter Storm Moves Across the US are photos from The Denver Post.

Midwest buckles under storm are photos from The Sacramento Bee.

Believe It Or Not: Snow Again! is a slideshow from TIME Magazine.

Monster Storm Moves East is a video from CNN.

Blizzard cuts power as deep freeze hits Midwest contains several multimedia features from MSNBC.

Huge Storm Moves East is a Wall Street Journal slideshow.

Winter Storm Disrupts Much of Country is a New York Times slideshow.

Readers’ Storm Photos is another New York Times slideshow.

And, as a “bonus” here’s a slideshow on the 7 biggest snowstorms of all time.

Top 10 Big, Bad Blizzards is a slideshow from TIME.

Additional suggestions are welcome.

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