World Press Photo is a respected international foundation that is well known for their “World Press Photos of the Year.”

They have just named the winners of the awards for this year.

Each year a news organization seems to display them in a much more attractive slideshow.

A Subtle Moment Becomes the World Press Photo of the Year is from The New York Times.

Winners of the 2014 World Press Photo Multimedia Contest have just been announced. It’s a somewhat different contest, but I’m still adding it here.

2014 World Press Photo Awards Announced is from TIME.

2013 World Press Photo Awards Announced is from TIME.

Every World Press Photo Winner From 1955-2011 is from BuzzFeed.

2012 World Press Photo Contest Winners is from The Boston Globe.

World Press Photo Winners 2012

World Press Photo Awards Announced 2012 is from TIME.

The Atlantic has a nice photo display for the 2011 winners.

World Press Photo: winners comes from The Big Picture.

You can see all of 2009’s winners in a slideshow put together by the Sydney Morning Herald.

World Press Photo Award 2008 comes from The Guardian.

World Press Photo 2007 is a slideshow from TIME Magazine

World Press Photo Awards for 2006 is from The Digital Journalist.

World Press Photo Awards 2005 is from CBS News.

In pictures: World press photo award 2004 is from the BBC.

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