As a strong believer in and practitioner of using technology in language teaching, I thought it would be useful to bring together a list of resources providing research on its effectiveness.

I hope readers will make additional suggestions.

Here are my choices for The Best Places To Find Research On Technology & Language Teaching/Learning:

The European Association for Computer-Assisted Language Learning has lots of resources.

The ICT4LT Project also has a number of good materials.

Foreign Language Teaching Methods- Technology comes from the University of Texas.

We’ve also done quite a bit of research here in Sacramento. Here are some reports from that work:

My “Take” On Recent Study Saying Home Computer Usage Can Lead To Lower Test Scores

Family Literacy Project Update

Newest Assessment Results From Family Literacy Project

Latest Assessment Results From Family Literacy Project

Results From My Year-Long U.S. History Tech Experiment

Latest Results Of Our Home Computer Project

Even More Success with English Language Learning

Family Literacy, Computers, and ESL

How Do Students Feel About Using Computers To Help Learn English?

The Best Posts On The NY Times Ed Tech Article

Rosetta Stone Is No Replacement for In-Class Learning, Study Finds is from The Chronicle Of Higher Education.

Innovations in learning technologies for English language teaching is a great downloadable report from The British Council.

Two Important Quotes From Massive NY Times Articles On Tablets In Classroom

Innovations in Learning Technologies for English Language Teaching is a downloadable book from The British Council.

Additional suggestions are welcome.

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