VYou lets you record an introductory video, and then people can leave you text questions which you can then answer via video — that’s why they call it “conversational video.”

It’s an intriguing concept. There are sites where where teachers can leave assignments for students who can then respond with recorded video (you can find them at The Best Sites To Practice Speaking English. Sites on The Best Applications For Sending Online Video Messages list would also be workable for those assignments).

However, VYou might make something like that even easier, and more engaging for students. Plus, students could ask their classmates questions in an easy way. Of course, the student doing the talking would have to have access to a webcam, and that could be problematic. Also, it doesn’t appear (though I might be wrong) to be a way not to have your profile be public, so there’s always the chance that others you don’t want to ask questions might ask them. That possibility seems unlikely, though.

It appears that some authors have created “channels” on the site. If some popular ones participated, I could also see students getting excited about asking questions and seeing responses. I’m also thinking that I might even consider using it after my next book is published.

What do you think? Is it usable for English Language Learners?

Thanks to 10,000 Words for the tip.