Every month I make a short list highlighting my choices of the best resources I shared through (and learned from) Twitter, but didn’t necessarily include them in posts here on my blog. Now and then, in order to make it a bit easier for me, I may try to break it up into mid-month and end-of-month lists (and sometimes I’m a bit late).

I’ve already shared in earlier posts several new resources I found on Twitter — and where I gave credit to those from whom I learned about them. Those are not included again in this post.

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Here are my picks for March’s Best Tweets — Part Two (not listed in any order):

“Schools Feeling New Immigration Pressure” NY Times feature

Bhoogolvidya is a simple online geography game

“Why Angry Birds is so successful and popular: a cognitive teardown of the user experience”

List of sites providing free animated e-cards

“What Education SHOULD be learning from Businesses”

“Your brain while multitasking, illustrated”

Samantha Bee of Daily Show highlights the extravagant lifestyle of teachers

Miccam is a strange/interesting site where you record/write words & people use them to make sentences

New TED Talk “The Birth of a Word”

“$9 Million Program Gives Students Wireless Internet Access At Home, Not Just At School”

In 1931, The NY Times published lots of predictions for 2011. Read them here

Funny “Facebook Comment Flowchart”

“Flailing After Muslims” by Bob Herbert, NY Times

“Bodies in motion: Dancing around the world” Great photos from Boston Globe

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