Here are the newest additions to Part Two of my “The Best…” list on the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami (you can see Part One here):

The Weekly Reader has free materials on the disaster.

Understanding Japan’s Nuclear Crisis is an interactive from The Associated Press.

Interactive: A Visual Guide Inside Japan’s Reactors is an interactive from NPR.

Another terrifying video of the tsunami hitting:

20 Ways to Teach About the Disaster in Japan Across the Curriculum comes from The New York Times Learning Network.

Land of Disaster is a slideshow from Foreign Policy.

Japan: New fears as the tragedy deepens comes from The Boston Globe.

Earthquake in Japan: A wave of destruction is a good interactive from The Washington Post.

1923 Kanto Earthquake: Echoes from Japan’s Past are images from The Atlantic.

The Wall Street Journal has several good new resources:

How Nuclear Reactors Work … And the Dangers When They Don’t

Past Nuclear Incidents

The Journal has a regular updated interactive called “Reactor Monitor.”

The Aftermath

Here’s an “explainer” including animation, from CNN on the nuclear meltdowns:

The New York Times has an article on the 50 workers who have stayed behind at the nuclear plant to try to prevent a catastrophe.

The PBS News Hour has some good materials and lesson plans on the disaster.