Connect All Schools is a new organization with a zillion education “partners” and describe their purpose this way:

to connect EVERY school in the United States with the world by 2016. Through the Connect All Schools interactive website, schools share stories using text, photo and video about how they are currently connecting their students to the rest of the world through such activities as student and teacher exchanges, global issues curricula, video-conferences and “Exchanges 2.0,” the use of new media and communications technologies to expand, extend, and deepen international cross-cultural exchanges.

I tend to be a bit wary about anybody who thinks they’re going to do something with every school in a few years (I get reminded of No Child Left Behind), but it could be a good place for classes to share some of their activities to an authentic audience.

The site gives the impression it will also help connect schools to other classes around the world, but I couldn’t find any details on that. Assuming they are indeed going to provide that resource, I’ll tentatively add them to The Best Ways To Find Other Classes For Joint Online Projects.