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One of the units we teach in our mainstream ninth-grade classes is on Jamaica, and, obviously, Bob Marley is a big part of it.

Student are now writing a biographical essay about him, and I thought it would be timely for me to pull together a list of useful resources.

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Here are my choices for The Best Websites For Learning About Bob Marley:

Check out his official website.

The ‘lost’ footage of Bob Marley’s early career comes from the BBC.

The Rock Hall of Fame has a timeline of his life.

Playing For Change has great videos of his Redemption Song and One Love.

Here’s an embedded version of both songs from Playing For Change:

You can do a fun sing along in class with Batlyrics. It shows the lyrics on the side while playing a YouTube video of the song at the same time. Now that we can access YouTube, it’s great to use. Instalyrics is a new site that shows you the lyrics to any song very, very quickly, along with a music video that goes along with it. The lay-out is very “clean” and it replaces Batlyrics as my favorite place for music videos and lyrics.

Breaking News English has a lesson on Bob Marley for English Language Learners.

Bob Marley’s daughter has just published a children’s book and created this new music video of one of her father’s songs:

Here are two videos I’m adding to this list. The first is a trailer for documentary that looks good (thanks to Michelle Henry for the tip). The second is from The Biography Channel. That one looks a little dry, but it is freely available:

Additional suggestions are always welcome.

There’s a new official Bob Marley site.

Video & Quote Of The Day: Booker Prize Winner On Writing With Five Senses In Mind

Bob Marley: Legend is from Google Arts and Culture.

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