UPDATE: As I’m writing, Libyan rebels have entered Tripoli and developments are moving rapidly. Here, in italics, are the best sites that are providing up-to-date coverage with accessible media:

Al Jazeera Spotlight Libya

BBC Libya Crisis

The New York Times Photo Blog

Guardian — Libya

Battle For Libya — The New York Times

CNN Libyan War

Qaddafi Losing Grip on Libya is from The Atlantic.

Associated Press Interactive

Libya timeline: six months of conflict – interactive is from The Guardian

YouTube has compiled a playlist of nine videos highlighting what’s been happening in Libya over the past day. Here’s one:

Though I have several Libya-related resources on The Best Resources To See Who Might Fall Next After Mubarak…, I thought yesterday’s military intervention prompted a new “The Best…” list.

Here are my choices for The Best Resources For Learning About What’s Happening In Libya:

Map: Tracking events in Libya is a regularly updated interactive from The Washington Post that also gives background on the country.

Timeline: Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi is a NY Times interactive.

Interactive Graphic: Libya Uprising is an Associated Press interactive, and appears slightly different from this AP interactive.

Libya: allied military assets and intial attack sites is a graphic from The Guardian.

Map of How the Rebellion Is Unfolding in Libya is a New York Times interactive.

The BBC has many multimedia features on the conflict.

Civil war in Libya is a CNN interactive.

CNN also has several videos.

Coalition attack on Gadhafi’s forces: How we got here is also from CNN.

The Wall Street Journal has a slideshow on the conflict.

Libya air strikes – in pictures is from The Guardian.

The Telegraph has many multimedia features.

Libya: allied military assets and initial attack sites is an interactive from The Guardian.

Libya: UN air strikes aid rebels is from The Boston Globe’s Big Picture.

Dispatch from Tripoli is a series of photos from TIME Magazine.

Air Strikes on Libya are photos from The Atlantic.

The Events in Libya: Using Reporting and Multimedia to Understand News is from The New York Times Learning Network.

The BBC now has a special report page on Libya that is regularly updated.

The New York Times has a massive slideshow that appears to be regularly updated.

The Telegraph has a regularly updated page on Libya.

You can see links to many updates on the right side of this Guardian webpage.

Libya Rebellion Continues is a series of photos from The Big Picture.

Three Months of Civil War in Libya is a series of photos from The Atlantic.

Additional suggestions are welcome.

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