I’ve been thinking about doing online video interviews — for this blog, and also in the classroom. For either one, it would be important to be able to record them. Obviously, Skype (learn about Skype In The Classroom here) is an obvious choice. However, it appears that the only way to record Skype calls is through a separate software that would need to be downloaded, and that might be problematic for schools.

So, I started exploring other options, and I didn’t come up with that many. I hope others will offer additional suggestions and/or suggest a super-easy way to record Skype calls.

Here are my choices for The Best (& Easiest) Ways To Record Online Video Interviews:

VYou lets you record an introductory video, and then people can leave you text questions which you can then answer via video — that’s why they call it “conversational video.”

Intervue is a brand-new site that lets you post questions for people to answer.

It’s not a particularly strong list.

Feedback is welcome.

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