Education writers from throughout the United States are at a meeting in New Orleans this weekend, and I’ve been reading their tweets about the conference. I was particularly interested in the session on the value-added approach to teacher evaluation, and found some excellent resources I’m adding to The Best Resources For Learning About The “Value-Added” Approach Towards Teacher Evaluation.

Douglas Harris is from the University of Wisconsin, and has written a book titled Value-Added Measures in Education What Every Educator Needs to Know. He spoke at the conference, and I’ll include one related tweet at the end of this post. Here are links to two pieces he’s written:

Not by “Value-Added” Alone

Value-Added and Other Measures of Teacher Quality: Policy Uses and Policy Validity

Matthew Nathan quoted Harris in this tweet:

It’s like publishing 10 politicians names as corrupt when you know the data tells you 6 of 10 are not