The first International Day for Street Children is being launched on April 12, 2011, by the Consortium for Street Children.

Here are my choices for The Best Sites For Learning About The International Day For Street Children:

The best place to start is a website at The Telegraph newspaper.

Accused of Witchcraft is a New York Times slideshow and article about thousands of children in southern Africa who have been accused of witchcraft and disowned by their families. Here’s a video on the same topic.

Here’s a slideshow and article by Al Jazeera about a project where street children in Bangladesh were given cameras to document their lives.

Children of Kyrgyzstan is a slideshow from The Guardian.

Here’s a video from The Guardian on How a group of street children formed a brass band in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Guardian has a slideshow on street children in Romania.

The Miami Herald has a report on street children in Argentina.

Here’s a multimedia presentation on street children in Ethiopia.

Learn about street children in the United States here.

The United Nations has a lesson plan on homeless children.

Here are more related lesson plans.

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