As all teachers know, where students sit in class can be an important strategic decision.

After the first few weeks of a new school year, I tend to let students choose their own seats using eyesight and behavioral issues as my guiding criteria. I’ll be flexible at first, but won’t hesitate to switch if behavior does become an issue. If I have a small class, this policy can mean students sitting all over the place. It seems to me that reinforcing the idea of student autonomy (and plenty of research emphasizes its importance) trumps any minor logistical problems it might create.

A new study might raise questions about this policy.

The study claims that students sitting in the front of a class had fewer daydreams than those sitting further back, and that the “front-sitters” scored higher on course exams.

I still think I’ll stick with my policy, though.

How do you handle your seating arrangements and why?