The Sony World Photography Awards is an international competition (this year over 100,000 photos were submitted from 162 countries) and the 2011 winners have just been announced.

Like other photography awards, for some reason the winners aren’t displayed very well on the actual website of the awards. However, The Telegraph newspaper and others do show them in an attractive and accessible way. So I’m listing newspaper slideshow links to the winners since the competition began in 2008.

Here are The Best Of The Sony World Photography Awards:

The 2014 Sony World Photography Awards is from The Atlantic.

Powerful Photos from the 2014 World Photography Awards Shortlist is from TIME.

The 2013 Sony World Photography Awards is a slideshow from The Atlantic.

They haven’t actually announced the winners yet of The Sony World Photography Awards 2012, but they have made their “short list” public. Here’s a slideshow from The Guardian.

They have now announced the 2012 winners.

2011 Winners

2010 Winners

2009 Winners

2008 Winners

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