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I’m going to begin this “The Best…” list with an excerpt from NPR:

Fifty years ago today, 13 activists piled on a bus headed south to test new laws against segregation. The group of “Freedom Riders” that left Washington, D.C., that day would be one of many to confront racial discrimination in public transportation.

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Here are my choices for The Best Resources For Learning About The “Freedom Riders”:

PBS has a huge Freedom Riders website with tons of resources. They’ll be showing a film on the Freedom Riders later this month.

Ahead Of Anniversary, Freedom Riders Remember comes from NPR.

The New York Times has a slideshow on The Freedom Riders.

The Freedom Riders, Then and Now is from The Smithsonian, and includes a photo and video gallery.

50 years after the Freedom Riders is a Washington Post slideshow.

Freedom Riders remember is a slideshow from The Washington Post.

The History Channel uses Google Earth in an interactive that lets you follow along with Freedom Writers, using maps, images and text.

Additional suggestions are welcome.

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