In addition to the thousands of posts I’ve written in this blog over the past four years and my three books, I’ve also written nearly eighty articles for different publications.

You can access all of them here, but I thought readers might find it useful for me to highlight the twelve I think are the best.

Here are my choices of The Seventeen Best Articles I’ve Written About Education:

English Language Learners and the Power of Personal Stories appeared in The New York Times.

The best kind of teacher evaluation appeared in The Washington Post.

Videotaping teachers the right way (not the Gates way) also was in The Washington Post.

Helping Students Motivate Themselves is an excerpt from my latest book that appeared in Education Week Teacher.

Involvement or Engagement? is an article I wrote about parent engagement that appeared in ASCD Educational Leadership.

Why schools should not grade character traits appeared in The Washington Post.

Get Organized Around Assets is an article I wrote for ASCD Educational Leadership about teaching reading to English Language Learners.

I wrote Helping Students Motivate Themselves for The New York Times (this is different from the Ed Week article with the same title).

The Five-by-Five Approach to Differentiation Success appeared in Education Week, and was co-authored by my colleague Katie Hull-Sypnieski.

Bribing students: Another ‘magical solution’ that doesn’t work appeared in The Washington Post.

Cultivating Student Leadership appeared in Education Week.

Eight Things Skilled Teachers Think, Say, and Do appeared in ASCD Educational Leadership and is about responding to challenging students.

The manipulation of Social Emotional Learning appeared in The Washington Post.

Teaching Argument Writing to ELLs was in ASCD Educational Leadership.

Strategies for Helping Students Motivate Themselves appeared in Edutopia.

Student Engagement: Key to Personalized Learning appeared in ASCD Educational Leadership.

Research in Action: Ramping Up Support for Long-Term ELLs

The kind of teaching kids need right now

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