I wonder if this is going to be an annual occurrence? This weekend, Iceland’s most active volcano, the Grimsvötn volcano, began erupting. As you probably remember, last year the Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupted and disrupted international air travel for weeks (see The Best Sites For Learning About The Volcano In Iceland).

My “The Best…” list from last year has many general resources about volcanoes, and, at The Best Sites For Learning About Volcanoes, you can get links to multiple previous “The Best…” lists about volcanoes that have erupted over the past few years.

Here are my choices for The Best Sites About The Latest Volcano In Iceland To Erupt:

Iceland’s Grimsvotn Volcano Erupts is a slideshow from TIME.

Here’s a CNN video on the eruption:

The BBC has a video and a map.

The Guardian has a slideshow.

The Atlantic has images, too.

Here’s a video from Reuters:

Iceland volcano activity upsets travel, global trade is a slideshow from The Washington Post.

Grimsvotn Volcano Erupts in Iceland is a series of pictures from The Atlantic.

Ash falls on Iceland as Grimsvotn volcano erupts is from MSNBC.

The Grimsvotn volcano eruption in Iceland causes flight delays as the ash cloud spreads is a slideshow from The Telegraph.

Iceland volcano: Experts say eruption winding down is an Associated Press interactive.

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