(NOTE: Here’s one sample video book trailer our students made)

I’ve previously posted about students making video book trailers. That post shares resources where you can see examples of, and get a lot of assistance, about making great, though fairly involved, book trailers.

We wanted to do something similar, but much more simple — something that students could get excited about doing and providing reading, writing and speaking practice, and something that wouldn’t require much preparation on our part.

So we’re having students work on short video trailers about the favorite book they’ve read during this school year. We’ll videotape them for posting on our class blog and on YouTube. This is just one example of where a teacher having a SmartPhone can come in so handy — automatic posting to YouTube makes this kind of class activity as simple as pie.

Katie Hull, my co-author on an upcoming book on teaching English Language Learners, whipped-up a simple guide students are using to create their video trailer. You can download the hand-out here, and I’ll also share what it says in this post:

Book Review Trailer

You will prepare a short “trailer” about your favorite book that you read this year. It will be recorded and posted on You Tube and will be used next year to help our new 9th graders find good books.

Your book review trailer must include:

• Book Title and author
• A brief summary of the book (you want to make someone interested in the book without giving away the good parts!)
• Give 2 specific reasons WHY you liked this book and explain why someone else should read it

Remember, a trailer is like a commercial—you are trying to “sell” this book to someone. Be convincing and support your opinions with specific reasons. You will need to show the book while you are talking about it. Be creative and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!!!!

I’ll let people know when they’re done and ready for viewing!

Any helpful advice from teachers who’ve had students do similar activities is appreciated…