I’m a big fan of “choose your own adventure” stories — having students read them, write them, and watch them. I’ve shared quite a few of them in two previous “The Best…” lists: The Best Places To Read & Write “Choose Your Own Adventure” Stories and The Best — And Easiest — Ways To Use YouTube If, Like Us, Only Teachers Have Access To It.

I, and I suspect many other teachers, really like having students read them, but can be intimidated by feeling that having students write them and/or create interactive videos is just too complicated for us to organize and for them to complete it successfully.

Today, though, I found an excellent short video that shows clearly how easy it is to create one of these kinds of videos online. In addition, and, I think, more importantly, several times in the video they show a super-simple diagram that can be used by just about anybody to write one of these kinds of choose-your-own-adventure stories. The diagram is much clearer than others I’ve seen and used, and is remarkably effective and simple.

Be forewarned, the video itself shows countless unsuccessful attempts at humor, but it’s worth watching til the end: