Many blogs, including mine, have a PostRank widget on our sidebars which track the level of “engagement” readers have with individual blog posts. It’s an excellent analytic tool, and I review those engagement levels each month to develop a public ranking of my most popular posts.

Before PostRank was purchased by Google earlier this month, you could find the engagement levels for posts from an individual blog by just typing the blog’s name into the PostRank search box. Unfortunately, though, many things on their site disappeared the day they announced the Google purchase.

I contacted PostRank earlier today, and Melanie Baker, their Community Manager, responded immediately to my question about how to access blog analytics. For now, all you have to do is enter: followed by your blog’s url address

For example, for my blog, I’d enter

That leads me to the ranking of all my blog posts.

Unfortunately, since the the Google purchase, PostRank is not accepting any new registrations, but I thought this information might be helpful to the many bloggers who already use the service.