I’m certainly open to hearing other people’s suggestions, so feel free to add them in the comments section of this post.

Here are my choices for The Best YouTube Channels For Learning English:

Real English

BBC Learning English

Voice Of America Learning English

Pod English

Learn British Kids is the British Council’s YouTube Channel.

These next two sites aren’t exactly YouTube Channels, but they’re good video collections:

ESL Video

English Central is not a YouTube channel, but its huge selection of videos and its interactivity leads me to include it on this “The Best…” list and on many others.

Gogo’s Adventure with English is not quite a “channel,” but I’m still including it here.

Fluency MC has great songs.

EnglishClass101.com looks like a helpful YouTube channel for English Language Learners. I especially like its “Learn American Holidays” playlist. Here’s an example:

Tube Wizard is an intriguing site that automatically creates multiple listening quizzes from subtitled YouTube videos. I don’t think it will be useful in many U.S. public schools because Web content filters would block many of the videos, but it could be very helpful for home practice and in adult schools.  You might also want to read a post by Olya Sergeeva which explains the site in more detail.

Listening decoding with YouTube and TubeQuizard – a quick guide is from ELT Geek.

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