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We’re all familiar with the “summer slide” — the academic losses that many young people, especially in low-income communities, experience during the time they’re out of school. “slide” is being exacerbated by budget cuts — a few years ago our school would have over one thousand students in summer school, most because they wanted advance faster and because they didn’t have anything else do. Now, we only offer less than a handful of classes.

I’ve previously explained that I encourage students read during the summer by research the effect of the summer slide, and arranging for their next year’s teacher give them extra credit for reading, as well as letting students check-out books from my classroom library.

However, I haven’t really done a thorough lesson the summer slide with them, as I’ve done in many other “life skills” topics I talk about in my book. Next year, though, will be different, and I’ll be preparing a complete lesson which I’ll in blog.

For now, though, I thought readers might find it useful for me some of the research sources summer reading loss that I’ll be using in my still–be-prepared lesson. Feel free offer additional suggestions.

Here they are:

Free books block ‘summer slide’ in low-income students from USA

Fun, sun and good books: UT experts say summer reading keeps skills strong

Summer Must-Read for Kids? Any Book from The New York Times

Primer Summer Learning Loss from Reading Is Fundamental

‘Summer Brain Drain’ Robs Some Students of Skills Gained During School Year from The Washington Post

How prevent summer reading loss is also from The Washington Post

Making Summer Count is from The Rand Corporation

Summer School keeps the gap at bay has a good chart.

Why Summer Learning Deserves a Front-Row Seat in the Education Reform Arena is a good article from the John Hopkins University School of Education.

Six Reasons Students Get Summer Off (And The Agrarian Calendar Isn’t One of Them) is an interesting article.

How summer increases the achievement gap is from HechingerEd.

How I’m Helping My Students Try Avoid The “Summer Slide”

Part Two Of “How I’m Helping My Students Try Avoid The “Summer Slide””

Summer Loss is a nice, short summary of research summer learning loss.

How Summer Is Making U.S. Kids Dumber and Fatter is from Bloomberg.

Lowering the Temperature Claims of “Summer Learning Loss” is by Alfie Kohn and gives a different perspective from what we usually hear.

Looks Pretty Cool: “Maker Camp 2013″

New York Times Summer Reading Contest

Here Are The Eleven Sites I’m Using For My Summer School “Virtual Classroom”

Summer Slide, ELLs, and the Common Core is from Colorin Colorado

Summer Break and the Achievement Gap is from Ed Week.

Summer Learning: No Vacation From Opportunity Gap is from The Education Writers Association.

Is Summer Learning The Silver Bullet For Narrowing The Achievement Gap?

Lizzie Pinard – keeping your learning going in the summer break is from The British Council.

Quote Of The Day: Let Students Choose Their Own Books To Read Over The Summer

This infographic is from Oxford Learning:


NY Times Learning Network Announces Summer Reading Contest

Updated: Here Are The Sites I’m Using For My Summer School “Virtual Classroom”

Why we should let kids choose their own summer reading books is from The Washington Post.

Can We Prevent the “Summer Slide” in Reading? is by Timothy Shanahan.


Summer learning loss: What is it, and what can we do about it? is from Brookings.

Guest Post: Advanced ELLs Write About Their Summer School Experience Tutoring Newcomers

Summer Learning Gaps Worsen in Higher Grades, Just Not the Way You Think is from Ed Week.


How Does Summer Learning Really Affect Students’ Academic Achievement? is from Ed Week.

Rethinking summer slide: The more you gain, the more you lose is from Kappan Online.

Is Summer Learning Loss Real? is from Education Next.

Shaping Summertime Experiences is from The National Academies of Sciences.

Research evidence for summer learning is from The Hechinger Report.

Slim research evidence for summer school is from The Hechinger Report.

Nudging Kids Toward Reading This Summer is by Daniel Willingham.

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