As regular readers know, in addition to teaching English and Social Studies classes, I teach an International Baccalaureate Theory of Knowledge course (you can see our TOK class blog here). It’s a lot of fun.

Periodically, I share TOK-related resources for other TOK teachers.

I now have over 400 Delicious links sorted into appropriate TOK categories that can be accessed here.

During the second semester of the class, we review the chapterin my book on the qualities of a good lesson, and then students — in small groups — prepare and teach short lessons to other small groups in the class. We focus on a different Way of Knowing or Area of Knowledge each week, and they can select any of my Delicious links in those categories. They have to frame their lesson as a Knowledge Issue, and both “teachers” and “students” evaluate the lessons. They usually go quite well.

If you have addition TOK-related resources I should add to my links collection, please leave them in the comments.