Also see The Best Commentaries On The Atlanta Test-Cheating Verdict

UPDATE: Former Atlanta School Superintendent & 34 Others Indicted In Cheating Scandal

Ex-Schools Chief in Atlanta Is Indicted in Testing Scandal is a new, more expansive, article from The New York Times.

Atlanta’s former schools chief charged under law used against Mafia is from The Washington Post.

Scathing excerpts from Atlanta indictment in test cheating scandal
is from The Washington Post.

The New Yorker’s “Wrong Answer” Feature Is The Must-Read Education Article Of The Summer is about the Atlanta Scandal

Why The Atlanta Testing Scandal Matters is from NPR.

Trial Opens in Atlanta School Cheating Scandal is from The New York Times.

I haven’t been wildly impressed by much of what has been written about the Atlanta testing scandal. But there have been a few that I thought were particularly thoughtful, and so another “The Best…” list is born…

Let me know if you think I’m missing any.

Here are my choices for The Best Posts & Articles About The Atlanta Testing Scandal:

Why organizational misconduct happens: A look at the Atlanta cheating scandal by Aaron Pallas is a very thoughtful piece.

Read This: Learning From Atlanta is by Renee Moore. And she recommends (and I agree):

Following “pass or perish” path in education, we’ve lost our way from The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Ditch Testing: Lessons from the Cheating Scandal in Atlanta (Part 1) is from Yong Zhao.

He has also posted:

Ditch Testing: Lessons from the Atlanta Cheating Scandal (Part 2): Not An Anomaly

Ditch Testing: Lessons from the Atlanta Scandal (Part 3): Human Nature?

Ditch Testing (Part 4): Test Security Measures in China

Ditch Testing (Part 5): Testing Has Not Improved Education Despite all the Costs

The New York Times has published Cracking a System in Which Test Scores Were for Changing.

The Atlanta Scandal: Teaching in “A Culture of Fear, Intimidation and Retaliation” is by Erich Martel.

“Teachers Cheating And Incentives” is a very important commentary from professor, author, and researcher Dan Ariely. It’s a must-read.

Atlanta: Bellwether Or Whistleblower For Test-Driven Reform? is from The Shanker Blog.

Cheating report confirms teacher’s suspicions is from CNN.

New PBS News Hour Video Segment On Atlanta Cheating Scandal

Feedback is welcome.

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