Go Animate is a really neat site to create animations. When it first came out awhile ago, though, I was concerned about some of the content from other people’s animations (which are all accessible to users) so, instead of putting it on my “The Best…” list for making animations, I added it to The Best New Sites Students Should Use With Supervision.

I still have that same concern. However, Go Animate has since developed other ways to deal with this issue.

One feature they’ve added is a Go Animate For Schools site where you can create up to 100 free accounts.

Another is the creation of a site called “Domo Animate.” Content on this version is constantly reviewed, it has an automatic filtering feature, and people can’t upload their own images. For me, at least, I think going the Domo Animate route is the easiest way to go.

I’m now adding this info to The Best Ways For Students To Create Online Animations.