I’ve previously posted about various ways I have students do what the rest of us do — talk with others about what we’re reading (see Getting Students To Talk About What They’re Reading &”Book Talks”). I’ve also posted about a neat feature in The San Francisco Chronicle called The Panel Book Review, where they have a reviewer draw a three frame comic strip summarizing a book. I’ve always thought that would be a neat class assignment, though I’ve never gotten around to doing it.

Occasionally, I’ve had students convert their “Book Talks” (see the first link) to posters prior to sharing with their classmates. As part of that, I’ve just had students draw something the represents the book.

Today, I learned about a blog called Uncovered Cover Art that gave me another idea. The blog contains a series of pictures and each one describes a children’s book. I’m thinking that when my students do their posters, it might be interesting to give them more specific instructions about their drawing — specifically, asking them to draw one that summarizes the book (pictures from that blog could be models). They could also describe their drawing in words, and explain why they drew each part of the drawing. Then, they could share with a classmate or a series of classmates. Might make it a little more interesting, plus it will include writing, metacognition, speaking and listening….

I’m not pretending that there’s any brilliance here, but it might make for an interesting “tweak.”

Feedback is welcome.

I’m adding this post to My Best Posts On Books: Why They’re Important & How To Help Students Select, Read, Write & Discuss Them.