Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel stormed out of an interview today because he was angry about being asked about why he enrolled his kids in a private school.

I respect his right, and the rights of other public officials and non-elected school reformers, to make decisions that they think are best for their children. I just wish they felt as strongly about creating similar learning opportunities in public schools for everybody else.

Here are my choices for The Best Posts About Public Officials (& Non-Elected “Reformers) Sending Their Children To Private Schools:

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel chooses private school for kids is from Valerie Strauss at the Washington Post.

Mike Klonsky has reprinted the wonderful response to Emanuel’s decision from the President of the Chicago Teachers Union.

Private Choices, Public Policy & Other People’s Children is an exceptional piece from School Finance 101.

In Public School Efforts, a Common Background: Private Education is a New York Times article.

Bill Gates, have I got a deal for you! is from The Seattle Times.

The irony behind Obama’s Sidwell/D.C. schools remarks is from Valerie Strauss.

Mr. President, We Want Your Children’s Education, Too is by Rachel Levy.

There has been a lively discussion about this issue on Google+ that you might want to see.

Edit Barry recommends On Their Childrens’ Schools, Politicians Should Save the Outrage in The New York Times.

The Ivory Castle? is from The Line.

Educational Colonialism is by Chris Lehmann.

Michelle Rhee, a private school parent? is from The Washington Post.

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