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I’ve written a lot about how people new to tech in the classroom can start getting comfortable using it (see My Best Posts For Tech Novices (Plus A Few From Other People) )

I’m also aware that many people teach in situations where they do not have tech tools available to them. Because of that, I wanted to seek suggestions from readers.

I’m a big fan of using document cameras (I guess they’re also called “visualizers) and, of course, computer LCD projectors, headphones and, of course, good inexpensive computer speakers.

What would your suggestions be for the least expensive devices out there for teaches who might want to use them in their classroom. For example, I’ve heard a lot of good things about the $69 IPEVO Point 2 View USB Camera as document camera. I’ve also heard good things about these headphones.

Are there other inexpensive tech tools you’d recommend that teachers could either push their schools to buy, or write a grant to fund, or (gulp) are affordable for a teacher to purchase on his/her own?

And what about tech tools for student use in the classroom? I know some might suggest encouraging students to use cellphones, though I’m not a big fan of that. Are there other inexpensive and sturdy tools out there for students that you’d recommend?

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Ira Socal has also written a great post — It doesn’t have to be expensive…

Could Doceri be the IWB killer? is a post by Nik Peachey about a low-cost smartboard alternative.

Am I The Only Teacher In The World Who Had Not Heard Of The “Stapleless Stapler”?

Of course, you might still need to seek funds in order to buy these tools, even if they are inexpensive. If that’s the case, you might want to check out The Best Places To Learn About Education Grants.