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Between the United States’ debt ceiling crisis and some Republican’s unwillingness to compromise, and a similar feeling on the part of a number of so-called “school reformers” (and a little of that from a few people I consider to be allies in the fight against their actions), I thought it might be useful to put together kind of “The Best…” list.

Coming from a nineteen year community organizing career, the whole point of public life is to get to the negotiating table and strike a deal, so I’m always perplexed by ideologues who don’t seem to “get it.” It also seems to me to be an essential skill to master in order to become an effective teacher, as well (and not a bad way of operating to model for our students, either).

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Here are my choices for The Best Posts & Articles For Learning About Compromise:

I’ll start off with a few previous posts I’ve written on subject:

The Art And Value Of Compromise

The importance of being unprincipled

The Art & Importance Of Compromise

Five Quotes That All Of Us (Including Self-Righteous School Reformers) Should Keep In Mind

Here are articles from other sources:

Obama Cites Lincoln As Model Of Principled Politician Who Compromised is from NPR.

Ben Franklin on compromise is from TIME Magazine.

What The Word ‘Compromise’ Really Means is from NPR.

NPR has a nice story on the head of the Humane Society and the head of the Egg Producers group reaching a compromise on national legislation. It would have been nice if the two sides also had to have broader interaction between their constituencies to reach the deal. That might have happened, but the story doesn’t say anything about it. Nevertheless, I’m adding it here.

Accommodations And Compromises (& Two Questions About Them)

The Washington Post has republished Daniel Willingham’s post on civility in the education reform debate and my response to it that was posted in my blog, It’s Not About Who’s “Evil” — It’s About Who’s Willing To Make A Deal.

Getting Iran to say ‘uncle’ might not be smart is a useful article from Foreign Policy.

Give and Take:Empirical Strategies for Compromise is from The Association For Psychological Science.

Is ed reform headed for its own Bay of Pigs? is by Kathleen Porter-Magee.

Fiscal cliff negotiations show how not to make a deal is from CNN.

When Should You Compromise? is from The New York Times Learning Network.

“Cutting a deal doesn’t necessarily have to mean capitulation”

Lincoln, Obama & The Importance Of Compromise

Psychology of Compromise: Why Congress Fails is from Live Science.

How Not to Compromise is from TIME

Republican Strategy On Debt Ceiling Is Ridiculous Strategy, But Provides Perfect Classroom Lesson On “Compromise”

Quote Of The Day: “For Mandela, Reverence, but Criticism, Too”

The Neuroscience Guide to Negotiations With Iran is from The Atlantic.

Harvard Business Review Criticizes Trump’s Negotiating Skills & Provides Excellent Classroom Management Advice At Same Time

President Obama Provides Great Analysis Of Key Community Organizing Adage: Do You Want To Be Right, Or Effective?

Really Interesting NY Times Column On The Value Of Being “Two-Faced”


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