The Save Our Schools March took place earlier today in Washington, D.C., with other actions throughout the country. I’m on a previously-scheduled train trip with twenty family members, but thought I’d put together a quick “The Best…” list.

This is not meant to be a complete list and I hope that others will contribute additional suggestions in the comments section. I’ll approve them as soon as I get Internet access again.

Here are my choices, for now, of The Best Posts & Articles On The Save Our Schools March:

The Save Our Schools March is a report from Valerie Strauss of The Washington Post.

Teachers March On Washington is from Education Week.

Matt Damon’s clear-headed speech to teachers rally was also published in Valerie Strauss’ blog.

Save Our Schools March: a teacher revolt against Obama education reform is from The Christian Science Monitor.

Save Our Schools March Calls For Teacher-Backed Reform is from The Huffington Post.

Teachers take lessons of No Child Left Behind to D.C. is from CNN.

Texas school superintendent John Kuhn gave this speech at the Save Our Schools March:

Anderson Cooper from CNN has a great piece on a Matt Damon interview at the S.O.S. March. I wish he hadn’t included the very last piece (a parody music video clip which is very funny but not appropriate but, I guess, since they aired it on CNN, I guess I can post it on my blog):

How Teachers Would Reform Schools is the title of a nice CNN video on the Save Our Schools March:

Additional suggestions are welcome.

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