The tragedy going on in Somalia and parts of nearby countries is finally hitting the media in a big way. I thought I’d bring together accessible resources on what is going on there.

Here are my choices for The Best Web Resources About Somalia’s Famine:

Somalia Famine: How to Help comes from ABC News.

How To Help Somalia: Options For Famine Relief (UPDATED) is from The Huffington Post.

Children of the Drought: A Newsround Special

Somalia famine refugees tell their stories – interactive
is from The Guardian.

Somailia Famine is a series of photos from The Denver Post.

Horn of Africa: on the brink of a humanitarian crisis is a photo gallery from The Boston Globe.

Horn of Africa drought: starving children suffer during famine in Somalia is a Telegraph slideshow.

Famine in East Africa is a series of photos from The Atlantic.

The famine forecast is an interactive infographic from The Economist.

UN Declares Famine In Somalia is from Breaking News English.

East Africa: Hunger complicated by drought, violence is an Associated Press interactive.

Famine in Somalia is a New York Times interactive.

The BBC has a special report on the famine.

CNN has countless related videos.

The World Food Programme has developed an impressive interactive map showing the famine areas in the Horn of Africa.

Cholera Breaks Out Amid Famine is a Wall Street Journal slideshow I’m adding to the same list.

Collateral Crisis: The Catastrophic Famine in Somalia
is a TIME Magazine slideshow.

Dadaab: city of refugees – interactive is from The Guardian.

Famine Strikes the Horn of Africa is an interactive feature from the Voice of America.

Crisis in the Horn of Africa: Understanding the Famine in Somalia is from The New York Times Learning Network.

In pictures: Combating drought in the Horn of Africa is from The BBC.

Interactive: Mapping the Sahel drought is an interactive from Al Jazeera.

Additional suggestions are welcome.

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