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The issue of attracting the “best candidates” to teaching gets a lot of use by some school “reformers” these day, who often imply that many of us are not the “best.”

Here is a short list of posts that offer a good response to that proposition, and I’m hoping readers can suggest more.

Here are my choices for The Best Posts On Attracting The “Best Candidates” To Teaching:

I’m going to start with Matthew Di Carlo’s post from The Shanker Blog (and not just because I stole his title) — Attracting The “Best Candidates” To Teaching.

I wrote Do Teachers REALLY Come From The Bottom Third Of Colleges? Or Is That Statistic A Bunch Of Baloney?

The Myth of the Stupid School Teacher is by David Wees.

Do Teachers Really Come From The “Bottom Third” Of College Graduates? is from The Shanker Blog.

Where do teachers come from? is by John Merrow.

Pop Quiz: Who is the American Teacher? is from TransformEd.

Should it be Harder to Become a Teacher? Harder How? is by Dana Goldstein.

Debunking one myth about U.S. teachers is from The Hechinger Report.

The Increasing Academic Ability Of New York Teachers is from The Shanker Blog.

Quote Of The Day: The Fallacy Of The “Teacher Accountability” Refrain

Additional suggestions are welcome.

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