Over the past several months, I’ve done eleven of what I’m calling “hot spot interviews” with English teachers in different parts of the world — places where there are natural disasters, political upheavals, etc. They’ve been pretty popular with readers, and you can see all of them here. I’ve interviewed teachers in Mexico, Morocco, Tunisia, Japan, Greece, Pakistan and Egypt.

I’m getting ready to start another series of them, and am looking for more EFL teachers in “hot spots” who I can interview. If you are in a situation where your safety might be in question, you can be anonymous. Are you teaching in:

* a country that’s part of the “Arab Spring”? Even if I have already interviewed someone from your country, I’m sure there have been recent developments that you can talk about.

* Israel, Gaza or the West Bank?

* an island nation that’s being affected by global warming?

* Mexico or a Central American country being heavily impacted by drug-trafficking?

* Venezuela?

* Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, which just elected its first woman prime minister?

* China?

* other places that might qualify as “hot spots”?

If you can answer “yes” to any of those questions, and are willing to briefly answer five or six questions, you can leave a comment on this post or email me by using this contact form.