I usually just do a year-end list on this topic and on many others, but it gets a little crazy having to review all of my zillion posts at once. So, to make it easier for me — and perhaps, to make it a little more useful to readers — I’m going to start publishing mid-year lists, too. These won’t be ranked, unlike my year-end “The Best…” lists, and just because a site appears on a mid-year list doesn’t guarantee it will be included in an end-of-the-year one. But, at least, I won’t have to review all my year’s posts in December…

Most of the titles are self-explanatory.

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What Should Teachers Be Doing During Student “Free Voluntary Reading” Time?

Emphasizing Pride, Not Shame, In Classroom Management

If This Isn’t A Great Reason To Do Teacher Action Research And/Or To Write A Blog, I Don’t Know What Is…

New Study Says Freedom & Autonomy More Important Than Money (& Classroom Incentives?)

Becoming What We Read

Follow-Up To “How My Ninth-Grade English Classes Evaluated Me This Year”

How My Ninth-Grade English Classes Evaluated Me This Year

Collective Punishment In The Classroom

Do Students Think Learning About Bloom’s Taxonomy Is Useful?

“Relevance” & Student Learning

Why Is It Important For Students To Learn About Bloom’s Taxonomy?

The Most Effective Thing I’ve Done To Prepare Students For Standardized Tests

“What Can You Do To Stay Positive During The Last Seven Weeks Of School?”

Using “Descriptive Norms” In The Classroom

The Power Of Choice

One Way To Help Students Learn The Difference Between Public & Private

How Do You Decide Where Students Can Sit? (Plus An Interesting Study)

“Think Alouds” In The Classroom & “Driving Alouds” In The Car

Visualization Update

“The Hook, Curiosity, and the Brain”

“This is Your Brain on Shakespeare”

Why The Start Of The School Day Might Be So Important…

What Is The “Zeigarnik Effect” & How Did I Apply It In The Classroom Today?

Helping Students Write Essays

Three Good Questions For Teachers To Ask Themselves (& Answer Them Here If You Feel Like It)

Students Really Do “Get It”

How Stress Affects Our Students (& Their Parents) — Plus, How We’re Trying To Help

“Learning a foreign language literally changes the way we see the world”

Another Lesson Combining Metacognition, Writing, Speaking, & Listening

Talking To Students About Their Reading (& Their Data)

How Students Evaluated Our Class & Me This Semester

Alternatives To Collective Punishment

How I Milked A Lesson For Every Last Ounce Of Learning And Why I’m An Idiot For Not Thinking Of It Earlier

Teacher Magazine published an article that I think is the best piece I’ve ever written. Titled My Students Help Assess My Teaching, I describe in the article how using a video of my class turned into a profound learning experiences — for both my students and me.

“What would be the long-term effect of doing that?”

“Small Surprise, Big Mood Change”

Self-Control & Working Memory

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