As regular readers know, I post a list of my choices for the best posts from this blog at the end of each month. Up until a year ago, in addition to making a separate post about them, I manually added them to a page on my blog called Websites Of The Month.

For the past year, though, I’ve been taking a shortcut and just making the monthly posts available in a blog category I call “Top Ten” and not manually moving them over to the Websites of the Month blog page.

For some reason, though, there’s been a problem with some of those monthly compilations over the past year and the links in them may, or may not, work. If you’re searching through them and having some difficulties, the alternative is to look at the archives of my free monthly email newsletter. I also post my “best” choices there, and the links there all work.

I hope this post is not as confusing as I fear…