I had originally thought I wasn’t going to create a “The Best…” list of book reviews on Steve Brill’s new book, Class Warfare. However, there have been several excellent ones that — in addition to reviewing the book — make larger points on the whole school reform debate.

Here are my choices for The Best Commentaries On Steven Brill’s Book, “Class Warfare”

Grading the Education Reformers is by Richard Rothstein and appeared in Slate.

Here’s a teacher-written review that appeared in The Washington Post.

Steve Brill’s Report Card on School Reform is from the New York Times Book Review.

Teachers Get Little Say in a Book About Them is from The New York Times.

Steve Brill’s blinkered view of education is from Reuters.

Should we really expect schools to cure poverty? is also from Reuters.

And, if you want want to “get into it,” nothing beats the twenty page analysis Gary Rubinstein has put together.

Additional contributions are welcome!

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