Every month I make a short list highlighting my choices of the best resources I shared through (and learned from) Twitter, but didn’t necessarily include them in posts here on my blog.

I thought it might be useful for both readers of this blog and for me to review those monthly lists and pick a few that I think are the very best “tweets” of the year. I’ll publish a final list in late December.

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Here are my choices for The Best “Tweets” Of 2011:

“Google Is Making Us Stupid and Smart at the Same Time?” The Atlantic

Video: This teacher keeps her students calm as a gunfight emerges outside (Thanks to Vicki Davis)

“The disgraceful interrogation of L.A. school librarians” LA Times

Onion: Budget MixUp Provides Schools With Enough Money To Properly Educate Students

ADS FOR GOOD 10 Funny Public Service Ads About Serious Issues (VIDEOS)

David Brooks writes about the central role of metaphors in our thinking, NY Times

10 Ways to Help Students Ask Better Questions

“Pay-4-Performance: Individual vs. Group Incentives” by Larry Cuban

Famous Inboxes (Thanks to Stephen Davis for the tip)

Funny “Facebook Comment Flowchart”

“Why Your Boss Is Wrong About You” NY Times

Funny or offensive, these 14 screenshots provide a wealth of info about cultural stereotypes

From The Onion “Gap Between Rich And Poor Named 8th Wonder Of The World”

“When a Friend Grieves, How to Get Sympathy Right” Wall St Jrnl

Forgotten Technologies, cute video

“Amid E-Book Growth, Students Still Prefer Paper Textbooks”

“The Top Ten Daily Consequences of Having Evolved” Smithsonian

Feedback is welcome.

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