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Check out The Best Multilingual & Bilingual Sites For Math, Social Studies, & Science

‘Every Teacher Is A Language Teacher’ is Part Two in my Education Week Teacher series on teaching English Language Learners in content classes.

The Best Videos For Content Teachers With ELLs In Their Classes – Please Suggest More

Many teachers of “content” classes (mainstream classes with some English Language Learners in them) face challenges each day.

Here are choices for The Best Sites For Learning Strategies To Teach ELL’s In Content Classes:

Content Instruction for ELLs is a great resource from Colorin Colorado.

That page includes a particularly useful article titled Preparing an Engaging Social Studies Lesson for English Language Learners.

Trend Watch: A Spate of Research Awards on STEM and ELLs is by Mary Ann Zehr at Ed Week. Her post contains several excellent links to resources.

Here’s a fairly decent Social Studies one using the PWIM.

Supporting English Language Learners In Content Classes

Mathematics in English is an interactive from Engames.

Six Strategies for Teaching ELLs Across the Content Areas is by Judie Haynes.

12 Ways to Support ESL Students in the Mainstream Classroom is by Jennifer Gonzalez.

Primary Sources, the Library of Congress and English Learners is from Colorin Colorado.

Scaffolding Instruction for English Learners: A Q&A with Diane Staehr Fenner is from Education.com.

What the Research Says on Instruction for English Learners Across Subject Areas is from Education Northwest.

‘The Best Place to Start’ When Teaching ELLs ‘Is by Getting to Know Your Students’ is a three-part series in my Education Week Teacher column.


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