As regular readers know, I’ve authored three books that have been published, and two more will come out within the next year or so. There are a lot of free resources from them available without purchase, including excerpts, printable hand-outs, and the ability to “look inside” two of them at Amazon.

Here are the links that will take you to them:

Helping Students Motivate Themselves: Practical Answers To Classroom Challenges

English Language Learners: Teaching Strategies That Work

Building Parent Engagement In Schools

The ESL Teacher’s Survival Guide will be published next summer by Jossey-Bass, and it’s a good — and lengthy — one.  Then a sequel to Helping Students Motivate Themselves will be published by Eye On Education.  I’m sure both will have plenty of free online resources available, too.

I might take a short break from book-writing after that — five books in four years can take its toll 🙂

I hope you find these materials helpful.