I’m adding two more sites to The Best Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced English Language Learner Sites. They’re both for Beginners:

One is ABC Phonics. I’ve written, both in this blog and in my books, how I teach phonics inductively to students as well as teach it through a focus on their reading high-interest books of their own choosing. However, a little fun online practice now and then also can’t hurt….

The other is Spelling City, specifically their “Free Activities and Games.”

I’d really like to add a good free online site for learning sight words in context (most don’t explicitly teach them in the context of sentences). However, the only decent site I’ve found is called Sight Words With Samson, and I just found out that it’s no longer free. I just can’t see spending the money right now for it, and would love to hear from readers if you know of a good similar site that doesn’t charge.