Here are three more additions to The Best Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced English Language Learner Sites:

The most important additions is a site just discovered by Richard ByrnePronunciator. It has simple lessons for 60 different languages, and its most important feature is that it allows you to repeat and record what is being taught, and then “grades” your pronunciation. English Central pioneered this kind of capability over two years ago, and the is the first time I’ve seen another web tool try it, too.

Web-ESL has lots of great resources. It links to other sites, but has many of its own exercises, and they are excellent. Their literacy exercises stand-out in particular. Their exercises on sight words are perfect — too bad they only teach ten of them!

Dolch Word Practice is a very good site for sight words. The recording quality could be better, but it seems to be the best place out there that’s free and covers most of the words.