QWiPS easily lets you make a thirty second audio recording that you can share — you can also connect it to a photo or video.

I’m adding it to The Best Sites To Practice Speaking English.

Unfortunately, for now, none of the students in our district can use any site that requires audio-recording, including the best site on the web for ELL’s — English Central. Apparently, a new “tweak” this year in the content filters prohibits that activity (it hasn’t been a problem in previous years). However, to their credit, the district has responded to the concern my colleagues and I shared and sent staff to my classroom today to learn exactly which sites we needed to record on and what problems we had been having. Since our District Tech Department has always been exemplary in providing us support, I’m confident they’ll fix this issue promptly, too. I suspect that this prohibition might have been unintended consequence of some other change that was made.

I’m curious, though — have others had district filters prohibit student audio recording?