Earlier this month, and earlier this year, Professor Sian Beilock released two widely publicized studies — one on the causes of math anxiety among students and the other a related one on “choking” under pressure. The both included potential interventions, including “taking 10 minutes before a high-stakes situation to write about goals and worries.”

I thought it might be useful to bring together a few posts on the studies, since anxiety and stress among students is certainly not limited to math. This “The Best…” list can be looked at as a supplement to The Best Resources For Learning About Teens & Stress.

Here are my choices for The Best Posts & Articles On Recent Study About Student Anxiety:

A change in perspective could be all it takes to succeed in school is from the University of Chicago.

Brain Study Points to Potential Treatments for Math Anxiety is from Education Week.

Brain Imaging Offers Clues to Math Anxiety is a video and article from ABC News.

Here’s a video on the studies from Voice of America Learning English:

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