The next edition of the EFL/ESL/ELL Blog Carnival will be published on November 1st by Berni Wall

Here are the details:

The theme for this carnival is:
The Most Popular Posts on your Blog

So, go and search through your archives, dust off that post that got you the most visitors, comments, retweets and let us see what EFL/ESL/ELL blog readers are most looking for!

As teachers we don’t often get a chance to ‘show off’ or ‘brag’ about our achievements so here is your opportunity to take out your most celebrated piece of writing and showcase it again for us all to admire!

You can contribute a post by using this easy submission form. If the form does not work for some reason, you can send the link to me via my Contact Form. You can also communicate directly with Bernie.

David Deubelbeiss from EFL Classroom 2.0 will be hosting the January 1st edition.Let me know if you might be interested in hosting future Carnivals.

You can see all the previous editions of the ESL/EFL/ELL Blog Carnival here.