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My latest Teaching English – British Council post is on integrating critical thinking skills into English Language Learner instruction.

Teaching and learning critical thinking in the classroom will be the topic of my next Education Week Teacher column (contribute your ideas there, please), so I wanted to develop a “The Best…” list with supporting materials.

Here’s another three-part series I did on the topic at Ed Week.

I put out a call on Twitter and Google Plus for people to make suggestions, but unfortunately didn’t do a great job of keeping track who made the suggestions. I apologize if I did not credit you for your suggestion. I’ll keep much better track the next time I put out a similar request.

I hope readers will contribute additional suggestions.

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I also included a chapter and several lesson plans related to critical thinking in my book, Helping Students Motivate Themselves: Practical Answers To Classroom Challenges.

Here are my picks, and the picks from my Personal Learning Network, for The Best Resources On Teaching & Learning Critical Thinking In The Classroom:

Getting Specific About Critical Thinking is from Education Week.

The Critical Thinking Compendium is an impressive wiki created by Howard Rheingold and others.

The Critical Thinking Community

Melissa Techman has a nice collection of critical thinking-related links.

Cybrary Man also has an extensive collection of links.

Here are the suggestions I got from people on Google Plus. I actually posted twice requesting resources, and here is the other list I received.

Bridge8, an organization in Australia, recently produced these excellent animations on critical thinking, along with an accompanying resource for teachers.:

Also, speaking of critical thinking, I’m also adding Critical Thinking: A Necessary Skill in the Age of Spin from Edutopia to that list.

Back to knowledge: The Ironic Path of Teaching Thinking is by Dr. Yoram Harpaz.

Critical Thinking: Why Is It So Hard to Teach? is by Daniel Willingham.

Critical Thinking: Ways to Improve Your Child’s Mind is from Dr. Marilyn Price-Mitchell.

What Is Critical Thinking? is from Farnam Street.

Ten Takeaway Tips for Teaching Critical Thinking is from Edutopia.

Thinking Critically is from The University of British Columbia.

How to Train Your Mind to Think Critically and Form Your Own Opinions is from LifeHacker, and reviews a number of studies.

On a journey to think critically is from Oxford Press.

How To Teach All Students To Think Critically is from IFL Science.

The 4 C’s of 21st century learning for ELLs: Critical thinking is from Multi Briefs.

Here are related ELT Chats:

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TED-Ed has published a lesson and video titled “5 tips to improve your critical thinking”:

Study Reinforces That Prior Knowledge Is Important – As Well As Critical Thinking Skills

Critical Thinking Won’t Develop Through Osmosis by Bryan Goodwin.

Teaching Critical Thinking In History Reduces Belief In Pseudoscience

Critical thinking: how to help your students become better learners is from The Guardian.

Perfect Critical Thinking Article For TOK Classes Published Today – Here Is How I’m Going To Use It

Critical Material For Critical Thinking is from The British Council.


Critical thinking is a 21st-century essential — here’s how to help kids learn it is from TED Talks.

How to Teach Critical Thinking is by Daniel Willingham.

Strategies of Teaching Critical Thinking in the Young Learner Classroom

A Short Guide to Building Your Team’s Critical Thinking Skills is from The Harvard Business Review.

The Newest TED-Ed Lesson & Video Is On The Socratic Method

Intriguing Study On How To Help Students Develop Their Critical Thinking Skills

There’s No Excuse for Not Teaching Critical Thinking is from Education Post.

Try out the Critical Thinking Quiz.

Do Multilingual Learners Really Struggle with HOTS? is from Seidlitz Education.

Critical Thinking Is About Asking Better Questions is from The Harvard Business Review.

Rebook offers quite a few critical thinking lesson plans.

Five Ways to Help Your Students Become Better Critical Thinkers is from Faculty Focus.


Feedback and additional suggestions are welcome.

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