I write many posts about recent research studies and how they can relate practically to the classroom. In fact, I post a regular feature called Research Studies of the Week. In addition, I write individual posts about studies I feel are particularly relevant to my work as a teacher.

Here are my choices for My Best Posts On New Research Studies In 2011:

Is This The Most Important Research Study Of The Year? Maybe

The Best Articles On The New Study Showing That Intelligence Is Not “Fixed”

Is A Noun More Powerful Than A Verb?

Uh Oh, Harvard Goal Study Is An “Urban Legend”

More Research Showing Why Inductive Learning Works

“Reading fiction can strengthen your social ties & even change your personality”

“Words Speak Louder Than Money”

“When Students Focus On Tests, They Are Not Taking The Time To Think About Why They Are Learning”

The Best Posts & Articles On Recent Study About Student Anxiety

Everything In Moderation, Including Self-Control

Maybe This Is Why Attacking Teachers Is So Popular…And Why It’s So Important To Speak Positively About Our Students

Boy, There Are So Many Problems With This Times’ Article, Or The Study It’s About, Or Both…

“Brief Diversions Vastly Improve Focus, Researchers Find”

“Making Kids Work on Goals (And Not Just In Soccer)”

A “Must-Read” Article On Increasing Intelligence

Houseplants “boosts one’s ability to maintain attention” — Glad I Have Them In My Classroom!

New Marzano Study On “Effort & Recognition”

Study: Reading Books Is Only Out-Of-School Activity That Helps Students Get Better Job Later

Students & Visualization

Very Useful Articles On Motivation

Um, I Think These Studies Are Missing Something….

“A curious connection between altitude and goodness”

Really Interesting Perspective On Study Claiming Third Grade is Pivotal for Readers

New Study Says Homework Has No Impact…Except In Math

Surprise, Surprise! Study Says Cooperative Learning Is More Effective Than Lectures

Wow, This Is A “Must-Read” Article On The Brain & Learning!

What Does Learning From Mistakes Do To Your Brain?

Fascinating Interview On Happiness

Learning Inductively Works…

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