Boy, there sure have been some great articles on education policy issues this weekend:

Class Matters. Why Won’t We Admit It? is an op ed in The New York Times about poverty’s effect on our students. Here’s how it ends:

Yes, we need to make sure that all children, and particularly disadvantaged children, have access to good schools, as defined by the quality of teachers and principals and of internal policies and practices.

But let’s not pretend that family background does not matter and can be overlooked. Let’s agree that we know a lot about how to address the ways in which poverty undermines student learning. Whether we choose to face up to that reality is ultimately a moral question.

I’m adding it to The Best Places To Learn What Impact A Teacher & Outside Factors Have On Student Achievement.

Huntsville Takes a Closer Look at Teach For America’s “Research” is from Living In Dialogue at Education Week. I’m adding it to The Best Posts & Articles Raising Concerns About Teach For America.

Diane Ravitch gave a great speech at the National Opportunity to Learn Summit. I’m adding it to The Best Articles Providing An “Overall” Perspective On Education Policy.

Florida charter schools: big money, little oversight comes from The Miami Herald.

Denver judge’s ruling on school funding levels blisters state’s witnesses is from The Denver Post.

Khan Academy Is Not The Progressive Model You Are Looking For is from Tom Barrett. I’m adding it to The Best Posts About The Khan Academy.

Sal Khan Never Taught Special Ed (or ELLs) is from Mr. Foteah. I’m adding it to the same list.