I often write about research studies from various field and how they can be applied to the classroom. I write individual posts about ones that I think are especially significant, and will continue to do so. However, so many studies are published that it’s hard to keep up. So I’ve started writing a “round-up” of some of them each week or every other week as a regular feature:

I’ve previously written a post titled New Study On “The Influence of Positive Framing” about a study that found “loss framed messages” (if you do this, then something bad will happen to you) really don’t have the “persuasive advantage” that they are thought to have. In fact, positive-framed messages (if you do this, all this good stuff will happen to you) are more effective, particularly in changing people’s health behaviors.

Here’s information on another study with similar findings, though they call it “gain-framed messages.”

The Benefits of Thanks comes from Scientific American, and gives a brief overview of gratitude research. I’m adding it to The Best Resources On “Gratitude.”

Solutions to Social Loafing is a report on forming small groups in classes that has some very interesting, if not unsurprising, findings. Even though it’s not one of my posts, the best place to put it is My Best Posts On The Basics Of Small Groups In The Classroom.