The Gates’ funded Measures Of Effective Teaching released their latest studies today. There have been a few posts about it, and I’m sure there will be many more. I thought I’d get a hard start on collecting them in one “The Best…” list.

Here are my picks for The Best Posts On The Gates’ Funded Measures Of Effective Teaching Report:

Gates Foundation study paints bleak picture of teaching quality is from Gotham Schools. (thanks to Alexander Russo for the tip)

Fire first, ask questions later? Comments on Recent Teacher Effectiveness Studies is from School Finance 101.

I’ve written two posts:

Gates Just Releases Big Teacher Evaluation Report

Great Response To Gates Report From Randi Weingarten

How the Gates Foundation Spins its Research is by Jay Greene. I’m particularly impressed by the dialogue in the comments.

Why Reformers Misunderstand Their Own Research is by John Thompson.

This Post By John Thompson On Gates Is Candidate For Best Ed Policy Commentary Of The Year

Guest Post: Here’s What Was Missing From The Wall Street Journal’s Column On Teacher Evaluation

The MET Project: The Wrong 45 Million Dollar Question is from ASCD Educational Leadership (thanks to Alfie Kohn for the tip).

I’m sure many more — and better — posts will be written by others, and I’ll look forward to linking to them here. Let me know when you read some…

Feedback is always welcome.

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