I’ve got to say that I have not been overly-impressed with the most of the commentaries I’ve seen today on President Obama’s call last night to have states require students to stay in school until they’re eighteen.

It seems pretty simplistic to me, and brings to mind the story of the person who loses their keys inside a dark house, but decides to move outside under a streetlight to look for them because it was too dark to see. The issue is making schools engaging so students want to stay in, and economic supports so students don’t have to drop-out to get a job to help their families.

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Here are the best commentaries that I’ve seen so far today. I hope you’ll contribute additional suggestions:

Obama Says “No Dropping Out Until Age 18” …But Here’s How We Make It Work is by Dan Brown.

Does Changing the Dropout Age Matter? is from The American Prospect (thanks to Alexander Russo for the tip).

More on Obama’s SOTU Proposal on High-School Drop-Outs is by Dana Goldstein.

Why Raising the Dropout Age Won’t Solve America’s Education Crisis is from GOOD.

The True Cost of High School Dropouts is from The New York Times.

Higher Dropout Age May Not Lead To More Diplomas is from NPR.

Feedback is always welcome.

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